My Path to Somewhere


Untitled (Gardening for Ordnance) 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale

First the good news; I have the Hasselblad back and I am resuming my photographic adventures with film again. The image with this post, untitled at the moment, is from the first roll for a camera/lens check as my first opportunity to test my used 120 mm f/4 Zeiss Makro-Planar lens that I just acquired. Btw, I did photograph this same composition with my 19% gray card stuck to the sign, but that does not make for an interesting photograph (yuk, yuk).

As I posted a couple of weeks ago that for at least the short term, my morning walks have a little more purpose to it in addition to getting some exercise. I will be working on my project Gardening for Ordnance while out and about as I am finding some more evidence of the decommissioned WWII bombing area that we live on.

I am also exploring potential compositions that do not tell the whole story, that perhaps have a little ambiguity and mystery. Such as this photograph above in which the front of the sign with it’s corresponding warning is concealed. That this posted sign can be obviously be seen from the neighboring houses might add a little more visual tension due to the proximity of these two diverse conditions.

All in all I think my test roll is a wonderful success; the lens provides crisp and sharp images, that the shutter and aperture appear to functioning very well and I walked away with an great image for my project portfolio.

Tech notes: Fijicolor 100 roll film (just a bit expired since this film is no longer available) with the Hasselblad 503cx and 120 mm Zeiss Makor-Planar lens, camera hand-held, exposure not recorded but recall lens aperture was wide open at f/4 for a shallow depth of field.



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