Middle Ground/En Medio Tierra – Fabrik Projects opening

05-05-18_Douglas_Stockdale-Middle_Ground-En Medio Tierra_KI6A8353_Fabrik_Projects

Douglas Stockdale, Middle Ground/En Medio Tierra, Fabrik Projects, May 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale

I have to say that it is a really, really nice warm & fuzzy feeling to walk into a commercial gallery and see your name up on the wall. And my work hanging on the walls. A wonderful validation of my concept and then the subsequent execution for this project. Makes all of the months that I quietly and diligently worked on this body of work seem worth while.

The exhibition officially opened yesterday and will run through June 2nd. Since I dropped off my art work on Thursday and the exhibition was hung on Friday, I had not seen the final exhibition results yet. I had a good idea of how it should look like, but I did not have my eye-balls on it yet. So during my Saturday morning walk yesterday I decided that I just needed to drive up to L.A. and see it! One of the nice advantages of a local exhibition; just take a little time to drop in. Which I did just before the official opening in the morning, so I had some time to walk this exhibition with just Kasey Taylor, the gallery associate, and myself. Take in the full effect. Yeah, I liked it!!

While there I also had a chance to pick up a short stack of the Fabrik Projects announcements for my exhibition. Nice. And I have already started to hand them out and hopefully my grin was not obnoxious. A lot to smile about.

I have proposed a surprise ending to the exhibition to the gallery team and so far there is a lot of interest so I will see how that develops over the next few days. Stay tuned!


P.S. One of the ideas that the gallery had was to exhibit the book-dummy for my Middle Ground/En Medio Tierra as a work of art of itself. Part of which is shown in the photograph above, just a section of the 21 feet that this artist book extends out to. Which is one of the reasons for this leporello book design; a mini-exhibit from the artist book. So cool that the Fabrik Projects team got that.

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