Hasselblad 32e extension tube results

03-10-19 film 2240012

Memory Pods, copyright 2019 Douglas Stockdale

Last month I wrote about acquiring a 32e (32mm) extension tube for my Hasselblad to continue my Memory Pods project. As I stated last month, the intent was to use this single extension tube in conjunction with the 120mm Makro lens in order to obtain an image of my subject that really filled the frame.

I will have to admit, looking through the viewfinder, I was really enjoying the composition I saw.

The next step was to use this in conjunction with a roll of my expired fill, then process to evaluate with some gray cards as to what the needed exposure compensation would be for this combination. Looking at the scans from the lab appeared that I might not need to adjust the film exposure very much. When I obtained the actual roll of film to evaluate, I have come to the same conclusion.

Looks like I am ready for another Memory Pods investigation season.



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