Post Instagram world?



There is an interesting article by Josh Rose, an LA professional photographer, posted in Medium about the latest changes at Instagram as to how these effect professional photographers.

First, interesting to read how pros had adapted to the early stages of Instagram in terms of how to create jobs and income, and what were the kinds of pro-jobs that lent itself to Instagram (hint; travel photo & lifestyles #1), and what did not.

Second, a surprise that folks did not anticipate that after Facebook bought Instagram, that the Facebook/IG team would not modify Instagram to benefit themselves at the expense of the user as they do with the Facebook platform. Duh. Facebook/IG is only interested in making money for themselves and if you can as well, that’s a nice upside, but one they really don’t seem to care about.

So when a bunch of photo friends stated awhile back that they were leaving Facebook for the “much better experience” with Instagram, I just wondered for how long would that “much better experience” last. Well it now appears that it was not for very long. So I was just wondering just how long it would take until Facebook made Instagram another Facebook type money making (for them) platform.

Interesting that one of Rose’s takeaways is that blogs, like this one, as well as creating a great website, is the better place to spend your time developing if you are a pro photographer (I also replace that with “artistic photographer”). You control the content and can better determine the reader’s experience.

I was late to Instagram (two years ago? @douglasstockdale) and in anticipation of these pending changes, I have been using my personal Instagram to provide some visibility of my in-process projects to get a little reader feedback. Currently I am posting my Memory Pods project. I am more apt to get “likes” or feedback on Instagram and in the short time that I have been on Instagram, I have more followers than the ten years photo-blogging here (my PhotoBook  Journal is a totally different experience with a huge following that dwarfs my personal Instagram following).

So for me I do not see any changes to how I use my personal Instagram or how we published our photobook articles on the PhotoBook Journal Instagram account (@thephotobookjournal). I do not anticipate any pro assignments from Instagram and perhaps I will gain some artistic visibility (did create the opportunity to be featured on VoyageLA: Life and Art with Douglas Stockdale)

So if you really don’t like the current Facebook I am guessing you will soon find yourself really dissatisfied with the changes in Instagram. So start a blog (or get back to the blog you had five or so years ago) or tune up your web site. You really will get more bang for your buck.


Featured Photograph, above: Fatigue, (Memory Pods), x by Douglas Stockdale

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