Photo-Blog Seminar – LACP EXPOSURE Weekend

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I am really excited to have the opportunity to share my photo-blogging processes in a seminar I will be giving during the Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP) 2019 EXPOSURE Weekend this September. I am also a bit concerned in how I can jam all of the various aspects of a creative photo-blog in just two hours; perhaps this is a trial balloon for a full-day seminar because there is a just a LOT to cover. So this should be fun as well as intense event.

So we developed a very modest title for the seminar (yuk, yuk): Secrets for a Successful Photo-Blog by Douglas Stockdale

The seminar is going to cover such diverse subjects as:
– Photo-blogging basics; will this dynamic social media option work for you?
– Get started for Free; minimize your cost investment to try it out
– How can a blog fit into your overall self-marketing strategy?
– Focus you blogging; what brings readers back time and time again?
– Win-win; how promoting the work of others can also help you
– Build and grow an audience that wants to know more
– Create a long-lasting impression that keeps working for you
– Personal photo blogging lessons – what has worked and what has NOT

My “secrets” are a direct result of taking my lumps as to what has worked as well as what not for my ten plus years as a photo-blogger (what the Human Resources folks call “experience”) and how I created the number One photographic book-review blog on the web (for the last three consecutive years), PhotoBook Journal, an international known contemporary photobook magazine. As well as this blog and a few others ;- D

Facts: Photo-blog seminar is scheduled for 10am – noon, Sunday, September 15th, 2019 (space is limited, of course)

Early bird sign-ups are still available until August 1st, so come join me! I will also be available as one of the many professionals providing Portfolio Reviews, so take advantage of that as well and sign-up for some 1:1 time with me.

Location: Hotel MdR, 13480 Maxella Avenue, Marina del Rey, California


Douglas Stockdale; photo-blogger since 2008, Editor & Publisher PhotoBook Journal, the contemporary photobook magazine and Associate Editor & founder (2009), SoCal PhotoExchange Journal.

Exhibition: 2019 Summer Group Show, Fabrik Projects Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, exhibition opening August 10th (correction), 6 – 9pm, 2019

Portfolio Reviewer & Juror for LACP’s first Photo Book Competition, LACP 2019 Exposures Weekend, September 13 – 15th, Marina Del Mar, CA

Featured photograph, above: Changes (Memory Pods) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale which will be on exhibition during Fabrik Projects gallery Group Summer Show, also now on






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