Gardening For Ordnance in Orange County

01B 02-06-18 park posting roll-1 scan 74650002v2

In response to my last post, my friend Gerry Clausing sent me his tweaked-out version of the photograph I had featured. He had pushed the color palette well into the hyper warmer colors and essentially make the foreground field an electric orange, “since this project was placed in Orange County” (California). Actually I like his reasoning, which made me think about the expired film photographs that I already had with one photograph in particular in mind, above.

A photograph with an ample amount of background orange that directly resulted from the use of the expired film. Cool!

I have been back-n-forth about using this photograph versus another as the lead in photograph in my book dummy. I wanted to lead-in with an ambiguous image that might hint at something not being correct that after the reader has gone through the book, would then want to come back to this image again with a potential clearer idea of the intent of the photograph. So these are two contrasting viewpoints; one view of the front of this sign with the weathered wood, snarled chicken wire, and a few faded fragments of what ever was once on this posting, while the other was the back of this sign, with the neighborhood houses out of focus in the background.

I am really gravitating to the indistinct message on this sign and the way the chicken wire is twisted as though something violent has occurred, while the faded wood and rusted bolts speaks of this event possibly occurring as a long time ago, yet the sign is still here today. The push/pull of time as it relates to memory. And this photograph has the wonderful orange tonality that Gerry suggested without any PhotoShop manipulation.

I have now decided that this photograph will be a the front of the book dummy. Or at least for now, which is one of the wonderfull aspects of a book dummy; being able to play devils advocate as to how the narrative develops.


Featured photograph; Posting, O’Neill Park (Gardening For Ordnance) copyright 2018 Douglas Stockdale



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