Getting out side with some film today

06-25-20_110316_Fuji Provia expire 10-2006

I took a short break-out walk with the camera and some expired 120 film today. First time out with a non-digital camera since the California COVID shelter-in-place order in early March. While wearing my mask, of course. Since my pro-lab was shut down, sort of lost my inspiration to shoot film if I could not get it processed immediately (now doing processing but I need to drop it off curb-side)

I seemed to have forgotten how heavy that camera rig gets on a five mile walk that includes ups and down of some gentle hills. I have a couple of things to specifically photograph for my project Gardening For Ordnance that I had noticed on an earlier walk through the neighborhood earlier this week. Yes, I do not take the beast out with me on each occasion.

I did bring the shorter lens (80mm) just in case, but I did not need to make a lens change mid-stream, staying with the 120mm Makro for the entire walk. Nice to get out and stretch my visualization ‘legs’. The expired FijuiChrome film was in the category of ‘mildly-expired’, since the expiration was only 14 years ago. Btw, my exposure index for this film was the same as it’s ISO; 100. As always with expired film, a bit of uncertainty as to what develops.

Cheers, & stay safe.

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