Quantum Elements – Time-Refractory Abstractions

I think that I have known this for some time; I seem to work a little bit better when working on a dead line, especially when the due date is rapidly approaching. Case in point, an open call for submissions for ‘Abstract Photography’, with a deadline of Oct 4th. Thus the my new COVID-19 series exploring Quantum Elements seems to be the right project to submit.

What this current submission deadline has done is to accelerate my development curve on my abstract images, as a deadline does not allow this project to continue drifting along. Having a deadline helps bring this series into better focus for me as to what the f**k is the concept that I am investigating, what might that look like, why does this interest me, and why am I spending time developing his series? Needless to say, this project does tap into my science-geek personality.

For most, the headline above might not inform you much about what interests me in this project, as this subject title is a sub-set of Quantum Mechanics and particle physics as it relates to time, space and matter. Okay, as I said, this is the science-geek side of my personality. I will also admit, that for the past many years, I have tried very hard to put up a border between my artist side an my science-geek side. The reactions by fellow artistic people to my scientific work when on the few occasions I mention it was less than enthusiastic. I might as well have been speaking Greek. Thus a lot of external feedback for me to keep these two aspects separate. Fortunately I am now too old to give a damn. So time to let the science-geek shine through.

But this is the fun part, lots of the sciences stuff is pretty cool and can be somewhat easily explained; such as Time-Refractory aspects of Quantum Mechanics. A fancy set of words (and math equations) that explains when you look at something that is down in the water, it looks ‘odd’. It took almost two centuries to explain why, and fortunate for you, I am not going to get into Snell’s Law, (it overwhelms me as well) but suffice to say, when light travels thru one medium (water), into another (air), the light particles (protons) can ‘bend’ during the same time, and provide some interesting visual results, such as this photo above. Cool, eh?

Thus my Quantum Elements series investigation light, space, and time. I have been working on my artist statement while developing the supporting images. Fun. Now that I have sorted some of this out, I need to go back to some of my earlier posts and updated the image titles. And of course, get my submission ready to submit.

Cheers & be stay safe



My coming exhibition and approaching book workshop:

Medium Photo 2020 WorkshopDeveloping a Creative Book workshop, which will now be virtual safe-at-home workshop that I will be leading is eight 2-hour Zoom segments over four weeks, starting Saturday, September 26th. This eight session workshop takes place on Saturdays from 10am–12pm (Pacific time) and Wednesdays from 4–6pm (Pacific time). 

January 16th – February 13th 2021; Photographs’s Eye gallery, Escondido, CA, a two-person exhibition that will feature my Memory Pods series (lens-based photography) in conjunction with the photographer Louise Russell. Exhibition reception is January 16th, 3:00 – 7:00 pm with reservations required to maintain social distancing.


Featured artwork; Time-Refraction 7855 (Quantum Elements series), copyright 2020, Douglas Stockdale

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