Bluewater Shore – Summer Gang painting

Another of my acrylic paintings inspired by my artist book Bluewater Shore. Similar to other paintings in this series, it is very representational with some abstract background elements. Obvious to me is my inconsistent rendering of the figures, but also why I consider this is more of a study. In retrospect I note that in rendering the figures I seem to alternate between a tight and detailed rending and a looser rendering, perhaps more impressionistic. The more of these studies I complete I guess I will find which of these paintings style will dominate; OR maybe that could be defined as my style??

I think I provide a little bit better handling of the figures in my painting Big Raft. Although I had started this painting above (Summer Gang) after completing Big Raft, I also wanted to experiment with some other means of rendering the figures. Some of my experiments worked out a bit better than others. Actually this painting was completed in late 2018 and when I was about to photograph it to write about, I was still uncomfortable with some parts, so I reworked it some more. So I have re-dated this painting as 2018 – 2020. I think I could rework parts of this some more, but as a study, I am finished at this point and ready to move on to a larger canvas.

Since these paintings are more studies at this point, these are not on my web site. hmmmm. Actually none of my paintings are on my web site. It is at this time just my lens-based photography work.

This painting is based on a vernacular (family archive) photograph set in the mid 1940’s. I am only sure of my mom in this painting while I recognize some of the others who appear through out her archive from this same period.

Cheers & be stay safe



My next exhibition:

January 16th – February 13th; a two-person exhibition that will feature my Memory Pods series (lens-based photography) in a gallery located in north San Diego county (CA); more details very soon.

Featured painting: Summer Gang (Bluewater Shore series) copyright 2018-2020 Douglas Stockdale


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