Bluewater Shore – Four of Us

Wow, still hot in Southern California (over 85F), while there is already snow in Colorado and elsewhere in the United States. So featuring another of my summer inspired paintings from my artist book Bluewater Shore still seems to make sense to me.

Similar to my earlier post about my painting Summer Gang, this is another painting that I completed in 2018 but on reflection I felt has some glaring issues that just did not look right. Nice thing about a painting; just get out the brushes and acrylic paint to work it some more. The distant horizon has become a bit more abstract and ambiguous while I think I did a bit better in rendering the features of one the four individuals. I am diffidently happier with this painting as a study, so I think it’s done.

Of all of the other individuals that were in the original photograph, I had thought having the one person in the background who is looking toward the four-some might create an interesting narrative. Now I am not so sure. To size-up this painting later, I might just leave at this four-some. And now looking at this on my monitor, I might want to make some adjustments to the back ground green area “grass”.

This painting is based on a vernacular (family archive) photograph set in the mid 1940’s. I am only sure of my mom in this painting while I recognize two of the others who appear through out her archive from this same period. I have checked in with other living family members who have Pennsylvania roots and they don’t seem to have a clue as to who the others are. sigh. How it goes sometimes with a family history; gaps as to who is who and what the heck was going on and where. Which becomes a family mystery.

Cheers & be stay safe



My next photographic exhibition:

January 16th – February 13th 2021; Photographs’s Eye gallery, Escondido, CA, a two-person exhibition that will feature my Memory Pods series (lens-based photography) in conjunction with the photographer Louise Russell. Exhibition reception is January 16th, 3:00 – 7:00 pm with reservations required to maintain social distancing.

Featured painting: Four of Us (Bluewater Shore series) copyright 2018-2020 Douglas Stockdale

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