Photographer’s Eye – Exhibition opening for Ken Rosenthal & Robert Treat

Yesterday was an interesting day, essentially my first exhibition opening and group outing since last March when the pandemic shelter-in-place began. (Yes, if we had not been lied to by the WH Administration, we would probably started the shelter-in-place much sooner). Never-the-less, there were a couple of events hosted by The Photographer’s Eye gallery during the exhibition opening for Ken Rosenthal and Robert Treat.

These events and exhibition were of particular interest to me in that I will be having a solo exhibition at this gallery next January with Louise Russell, who was at this event yesterday as well. So we had a little side conversation about our pending exhibition and will meet up later in November to do some more planning. Very nice.

Before the public gallery reception, Medium Photo as part of it’s f.16 Group had a couple of one-hour artist talks presented by Ken Rosenthal. I had the good fortune to join Ken along with Donna Cosentino, the Executive Director of the gallery, Scott Davis, the Executive Director of Medium Photo and Wayne Swanson, one of my Contributing Editors for a nice lunch after the presentations. And during lunch my first gluten-free burger this year. Yum.

The opening reception was segmented into social-distanced small groups that seem to work pretty well. And of course there were books by both Ken and Bob available, so those purchases will go towards future book reviews for the magazine. Ellen Friedlander came down from LA, whose exhibition will be following mine at the gallery and I had a chance to connect her with Jodi Hulden, who Ellen had not met in person before and who is co-exhibiting with her in February. Also a change to meet up with Mary Beth Klauer, who was in my recent book workshop, but since that was a virtual Zoom series of events, our first chance to actually meet up in person.

All in all, a nice day and opportunity to meet old friends while making some new acquaintances. The weather mostly cooperated as there was a slight treat of drizzle for most of the day.

The two-person exhibition for Ken Rosenthal and Robert Treat runs until November 28th. The address for The Photographer’s Eye gallery is 326 E. Grand Ave, Escondido, CA 92025.

Cheers & be stay safe


PS, in Donna Cosentino’s photo below, there is a very suspicious masked man on the left side in the hat, even more so with that dinky pony-tail.


My next art exhibition:

Update: February 20th – March 20th 2021; Photographs’s Eye gallery, Escondido, CA, a solo exhibition of my Memory Pods series (lens-based photography). Exhibition reception February 20th, 3-7pm.

Featured photograph: Ken Rosenthal’s presentation to f.16 members, copyright 2020 Douglas Stockdale

Below: Ken Rosenthal (on the right) discussing his artwork, photography by Donna Cosentino, copyright 2020


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