May the 4th be with You!

Caustic Networks #0479 copyright Douglas Stockdale 2021

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Okay, who might not be a Star Wars fan? When I experience my first Star Wars movie long, long ago, I was hooked. I am old enough that this was also the very first release of the very first Star Wars movie and of course, the many, many to come afterwards. Regretfully, some of those who were in this first movie are no longer with us today.

The interesting things that we are finding out today is that the sub-atomic interactions that are described by particle physics is also how our universe appears to function. What we have learned is helping to define and understand what appears to be occurring in a bunch of Galaxies far, far away. A great opportunity to celebrate the fictional Star Wars saga with a recent artwork that investigates the reality of particle physics from my Quantum Elements series.

Perhaps a little bit more dark matter in this artwork, as scientist are finding out that out there, there is a bit more dark matter than we first thought. May the Fourth be with you!



Next exhibition:

May 7th – 29th, 2021, Southeast Center for Photography (SEC4P), Greenville, South Carolina. A group photographic exhibition on the theme of Flora, juried by Wendi Schneider. Opening concurrent with Greenville’s First Friday events while there will not be a formal artists reception of this exhibition due to the pandemic.


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