Environmental context

copyright Douglas Stockdale

While creating my visual narrative Instant Nomad to help add some environmental context, e.g. where this part of the story is happening, I have been evaluating a series of moody urban landscape images. I do not think that I need many of these photographs, just enough to help set the stage for where the travel is occurring that reflects the environmental conditions that might also increase any travel anxiety.

Case in point is this photograph that I made in the pre-dawn light with some overcast fog capping this urban landscape. The fog was not so dense that I could not make out the base line urban details, so the foggy gradient provided a sense of the atmospheric conditions. An overcast early morning investigated by an ‘overcast’ photographer. The low contrast qualities of this photograph I think adds to the gloomy appearance of this skyline. I did tweak the color temperature, evaluating both a little more neutral gray and this version which the color temperature is much cooler as was this was made in the Fall. At the moment I am leaning towards this bluer version of the photograph to represent a bluer, cooler and more somber mood.

For me this early morning photo-op included working through a bit of a jet-lag challenge since this morning event was occurring three hours earlier than I am used as a result of flying in from the American west coast the day before. The 6am wake-up was essentially like getting up and trying to function at 3am my biological clock time, which is no wonder I was feeling even more out of sorts. Jet-lag is another of the many conditions that contributes to my travel anxieties.

For those who live/visit the American Northeast, this urban landscape might be easily identified as part of the Boston skyline at Beacon Hill as observed across the Charles River from Cambridge, MA.





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