Morolo – An Italian urban landscape

Morolo, Italy (Ciociaria) copyright Douglas Stockdale 2010

While preparing to make another book announcement or two, I realized that it has been 10 years since my first book Ciociaria was published by Edizioni Punctum. Cool! Also realized that it’s been almost as long as I have checked on the status of my social media and website for this Italian series and that some updates were needed. So this week has been a bit of a two-fer, updating my website and an opportunity to look back at this series. Okay, like some photographers, I also have a few books left to sell after 10 years, fortunate that one of the book + print limited editions is sold out, while I still have a few of the other limited edition (Fiuggi) available. So maybe that too.

The lyrical urban photograph featured above that I made in the hilltop village of Morolo that lies within the region of Ciociaria, which was a bit visually challenging. I seem to have issues with pathways in my photographs, either creating a sense of an incline or decline. This photograph seemed to be one of my few successes looking out and down into a far valley. I think that this composition has a few other things going for it as well, but having the far mountain range to establish a horizon seemed to provide some assistance in the way to convey this scene. I am still not sure how well this photograph conveys the quick drop off, while I think the receding road-side poles help establish that the road is dropping down.

Fortunately the ambient light was just right to illuminate one edge of the near pole in the foreground so that this pole did not become lost in the background shadows. As I was walking through this village I was immediately taken by this potential urban landscape composition, and I think one of the few looking out away from this picturesque village. Brings back wonderful memories of this region of Italy.



Ciociaria is available from me ( in the trade edition ($50.00 USD) and one of my two limited edition book + print, Fiuggi ($150.00 USD) usually through PayPal. Included in this price is shipping within the USA and CA sales tax. Please inquire about international shipping.


Book workshop:

I will be leading a Creative Photo Book workshop with the Southeast Center of Photography (SEC4P), a virtual event on Zoom; November 6 & 7th and 13 & 14th, 2021, 10 AM – 1 PM, EDT (3 hour session each day, with a week between the weekend sessions to work your book-dummy). Registration is now open, and there is a SEC4P membership discount. It is SOLD OUT & wait-list has been started.

Developing a Creative Photo Book, a virtual (Zoom) workshop I will be leading again in conjunction with Medium Photo with New dates: March 5 – 6, 12 – 13, 2022 More details and sign-up available now at Medium Photo.

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