Reticulation patterns

Caustic Networks #9793 (Quantum Elements series) copyright 2020 Douglas Stockdale

While working on the series of photographs that investigates the sub-atomic world of particle physics, I have not really been calling much attention to the visual aspects of what results. Such that when the image is deconstructed and distilled into black and white, such as the magical image I wrote about recently, as well as above, there are a really cool set of beautiful organic reticulation patterns occurring.

These numerous net-like patterns created by caustic networks could also represent a network of cross-link bonds that one would find in biological and botanical studies. This makes sense as the world of particle physics, which is scientifically abstract, also defines things that are down-to-earth, such as how organic structures as well as the cosmos function.

For these recent black and white images it is also about the significance of the negative space, which could symbolize absence contrasting with the presence, both evident at the same time. Unlike the earlier stark Franz Kline abstract black and white paintings, I find myself wanting to explore the gray areas, that in-between state between absolute black and total whiteness.

I need to think about this further while I like where it is going. Gotta love how science and art can come together.



P.S. I printed this on a 24″ x 36″ sheet of H. Metallic Rag and it too is a magical print. Edition of 5.


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