Negative Perspective

Untitled #192801 (Anthropogenic Crisis series) copyright 2021 Douglas Stockdale

Yes, a literal negative perspective of one of my Memory Pods photographs that I was evaluating and tweaking late last night in the full spirit of my Experiment/Play process. I am not sure fully what to make of these negative (inverted) images of this and the other color photographs that I have made over the years. Nevertheless, I am immediately captured by the abstract and visual aesthetic qualities. It just looks so cool!

As another means to further explore the Memory Pods series with the idea to evaluate the negative color image coalesced around the recent artwork of three friends; Aline Smithson’s doctoring/damaging her color negative film as a metaphor, Debe Arlook’s composite landscape photographs and Anat Icar-Shoam’s three-part project that she discussed as a participant during my recent book workshop. Concurrently, I have been also looking a number of photographic projects that utilize a Cyanotype printing process, which is a form of abstracting black and white images.

How this might help me metaphorically explore the Memory Pods series remains to be seen, as usually the first step after the initial Experiment/Play process is to create a few more supporting images, print these (I had immediately pre-visualized this image on the H. Metallic Rag and I was not disappointed in the results), then allow myself time to interact and reflect on a few of these printed images. The Metallic Rag print of this one, above, is already leaning up against my monitor. So this is really, really early in my evaluation process, but a different visualization of this series that I will continue to investigate.

The idea of going back to re-evaluate all of my Memory Pods photographs is a bit daunting as I have accumulated a combination of 11,200 negatives and digital files over the past eight years. Wow. Lots of material to work with, so I’m unsure what the heck I am going to do next spring when my collection of potted plants rise again. Fun, fun, fun.



When printed on a 24″ x 30″ sheet of H. Metallic Rag, it will be magical. Edition of 5.


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