Anthropogenic Crisis – The Last Iceberg

Anthropogenic Crisis No. 1511 (The Last Iceberg) copyright 2014/2022 Douglas Stockdale –

I really enjoy how a project/series can continue to evolve. It is now appearing that Anthropogenic Crisis is morphing into a much larger project and is no longer just a series. I think of a smaller body of work, especially in the early stages of development, as being a ‘series’ of artworks and when the concept expands and grows, then it might become a ‘project’. I suspected that Anthropogenic Crisis was becoming a project when I started to develop the group of photographs that has the working title of ‘Warming Water‘.

I have conceptualized Anthropogenic Crisis in a very broad context to imagine how the issues of global heating could eventually effect what earth might look like if we don’t make changes to how we create greenhouse gases. I am starting to create another series of artwork to investigate this environment crisis. What happens to the polar ice caps when the water and surrounding air continue to warm? As the scientist have profoundly already pointed out; these immense bodies of snow and ice will melt away. Regretfully, the ice and snow melt is already raising the sea levels and we are witnessing large masses of ice disappear. Thus my new series asks the question; what might The Last Iceberg look like?

This new series came about while preparing for the LACP Exposure weekend, during which I was also going to meet-up with some curators that I did not know. From past experience for conceptual series, I know that curators appreciate an overview, as well as sometimes a working title for a specific image. So I have been thinking of some titles and when looking at my Warming Water series, I had included some large rock formations in the foreground. When inverted these black rocks became really white edifices and my first thought was these are white hot from the global heating. Then looking at some photographs that included these white structures that are in the midst of the sea, it was like these were floating; just like an iceberg. Thus one idea morphed into another and this series sprang forth. Cool!

As a book artist, I can pre-visualize this new series as either a second book in a series or maybe a sequenced as the second chapter, which has me thinking about what might be the third series. I love this aspect of a being an artist; what’s next??

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