Vote for a Green Environment

VOTE copyright Kerry Michaels

Today the LACP Exposure Weekend has come to a close. As always, I had the opportunity to review the portfolios of a talented group of artists and photographers. And always equally inspiring for my own art work concepts, ideas and processes. Of course, those choosing to spend time with me usually had a book project somewhere in development looking for some guidance. I hope that I did not fail them.

As Kerry Michaels and I were finishing our discussion this weekend, she asked in the waning last minutes if I had time to look at a fun botanical project she was working on. Of course and I am ever glad I did. She is developing a series of botanical arrangements that spell out VOTE. So cool. My immediate reaction is that I wanted to feature one right now and of course start featuring it again this coming September/October when voting in the U.S. 2022 mid-term elections is critical to protecting and enhancing our environmental polices. We only have to look back at the four years of the previous administration to realize our fragile our environment polices and protection are. Of course a version with a green background really resonated with my environmental focus.

Maybe I am the last one to realize how protecting the environment and finding ways to stem global heating is tied to politics; with the wrong persons and party calling the shots, the environment is quickly abandoned and put up for sale. There are more of us than them, but if we don’t show up, it could be a change of control back to them. Let’s not let that happen.

Thus, if you in any way feel that global warming is any kind of threat to mankind, make a late New Years Resolution to vote in the 2022 mid-term elections. And help get your friends, family and anyone you know cares to show up and vote as well. Each and every vote counts.

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Btw, if you think this is cool, then Kerry is open for you to check out her website and find a VOTE banner you would like to feature (nice to provide her credit as well) and use to help get out the vote.



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    1. Markus, thanks. Regretfully the real environmental shitstorm is still coming, as the amount of greenhouse gases are continuing to increase. We have not come close to neutrality yet for the greenhouse gases, thus the weather havoc we have now is only going to get much worse. And if we don’t implement scientific based environmental policy by voting those who will ensure that these are in place, it is not going to be a very pretty environmental picture.

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