Climate Change demons descending

Anthropogenic Crisis  No. 5942 (Climate Change demons) copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale

While working on my Anthropogenic Crisis series, there are times when the cloud formations over the ocean look very intriguing and I start anticipating something interesting to appear in my post-production process. I can never be sure as to what it might eventually look like, while still realizing the potential.

I will admit that I was one of those kids growing up who saw all sorts of things being formed by the clouds. And growing up the mid-west, we had lots and lots of clouds and a lot of opportunities to day dream about the what-ifs. And this was a group effort, as the other kids I hung around with would point out all sorts of things. In retrospect, maybe I hung around with them because they were as fascinated with things around them as I was.

Somewhat like watching a (darkroom) print developing in a tray under the safelight, the latent potential image started to appear as I tweaked it in Photoshop. At the moment, it appears monotone and low contrast, so there is a good chance I will come back and work it some more. It is also a singular image in this series since I have not teased out any of the other photographs with similar latent subject matter, although after ‘seeing’ this one, I will probably be open to the potential for others. Fun, fun, fun.





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