Subtle Climate Changes

Anthropogenic Crisis No. 130333 (Warming Water) copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale

One of the aspects of an adverse Climate Change, as it is occurring now, is that what’s changing day to day is so subtle as to really not being recognizable. Unless something really dramatic occurs. An example is where I live in Southern California; if I were to sit in my back yard for a few hours, or for an entire day, would I perceive that there is less rain this year than last or the years before? Likewise, might I sense that the mean temperature for this region is slowly rising? Perhaps I would today as it will be 90degreesF and very soon on the 5:00 O’clock news there will be t.v. reports as to new record highs occurring across most parts of this region. So yes, today might seem unseasonable hot for this time of year, but earlier in the week it was 79degreesF which did not seem abnormal. Would I connect the dots as to an overall mean temperature change trend?

Thus, a good friend mine said that while I am working on my Anthropogenic Crisis project, such as this post, and referencing ‘Global Warming’, most individuals will not really sense that this is an event that is actually occurring. He thought even trying to tie this project to ‘Climate Change’ will not get much traction, as most individuals on a day to day basis don’t perceive the subtle changes that continue to occur.

My approach to my series Anthropogenic Crisis is to create some really abstract and surreal images that might cause someone to pause as a result of what might be its intriguing beauty. Then pause to consider its potential what-if. Although these images investigate a dire and futuristic environment, whose to say that when we have outright Global Heating and environmental collapse if I was that far off the mark as to what things looks like. I would rather invest in making the necessary environmental polices changes now and avert a pending catastrophe that might resemble my fatalistic visions, which is really my point.

So I am thinking about how to make connections with individuals who don’t perceive the subtle Climate Changes. I have stated work on a parallel series of Anthropogenic Crisis artwork in which the landscape changes are also subtle, such as this photograph above. This is my first experiment with this concept, so it will be interesting to see what the response is.

Otherwise, there is my first surreal image option of this photograph, below.





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Anthropogenic Crisis No. 130333 version 1 (Warming Water) copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale

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