Arbor Day 2022

Anthropogenic Crisis No. 4266 copyright 2021 Douglas Stockdale –

Arbor Day is another opportunity to stay in tune with the environmental changes just whizzed by. The initial stated intent of Arbor Day was a day to plant a tree. Regretfully, most of us do not have a place to do this on our property, or at least I do not. Nevertheless, starting in 1872 about one million trees were planted in the middle of the United States and this day became officially recognized in 1907. Cool.

Fortunately, Arbor Day has now become a time to celebrate trees and in the process of educating about the importance of trees in the larger context of the delicate balance of our global environment. Which then leads into the current issues of climate change and the increasing dangers of global warming, while discussing what can be done to reverse this process. Such as focusing on Reduction, Re-use and Recycling as a a way to eliminate or reduce our carbon footprint.

One aspect I appreciate about my immediate community is the expansion on the weekly residential waste pick-ups (aka garbage trucks) to have separate waste binds for green waste, recycle material and just plain trash (landfill) bins. What goes into the land fill may eventually deteriorate, but in the process this stuff gives off methane gas, which contributes to global warming. So if your community does not break these elements out for waste pick-up, perhaps it time to petition a change. Those companies that provide the waste pick-up would be happy to help as this is a win-win-win opportunity for them, your and your community.

A reduction, reuse or a recycling in what you use will reduce that amount of trees (or conversion of oil crude into plastic) required to produce the new stuff you use. So again, every day see what you can to Reduce, Reuse or Recycle. The trees will appreciate it.

Happy Arbor Day and Earth Day. Every day.



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