Blue wave forming for ’22

Anthropogenic Crisis No 6829 (Warming Water) copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale –

Convention wisdom is that with the pending printing and subsequent printing by Singular Images Press of my new artist book that I should be promoting the pre-publication sale to help pay for it. Especially with my trip to San Diego tomorrow for Medium Photo Festival. Like I said, that’s conventional wisdom and I very happy to be an artist who can poke conventional wisdom right in the eye.

Because I am still stewed up, if not outright pissed at what’s going on with the American Supreme Court, least Putin’s ongoing war and massacre of women and children. Putin’s a sadist and a sociopath, so I can’t do anything about that, but support what ever we can do to make him go away. The alt-right white segregationist and pseudo-christians have stacked the Supreme Court and in the short term it appears that they might finally get their way to start reversing all of the human-rights gains of the past 90+ years. First anti-abortion, then next is same sex marriage, conception, fertility treatments and probably followed by mixed racial marriages and other aspects concerning women and POC. Per the five alt-right judges on the Supreme Court, none of those aspects were considered in 1776 by the all-white male writers of the American Constitution.

Which brings me to another current reality; there is a Democratic Blue-wave forming for the 2022 mid-term elections coming in November. This pending court decision is also suppose to motivate the Republicans to vote, but really? They already have their five judges in place and so there is not anything for the mid-term election for them to get excited about: it’s all a done deal. Besides with their recent gerrymandering of the election districts and state laws that they are putting in place to restrict voting; no need to get motivated to vote because they will ‘win’ regardless of the vote count.

Not the same for the Democrats who are determined to save democracy for America, keep the House of Representative (btw, Republicans just lost another House seat from Michigan) and improve on the number of Senate seats. Still a lot of work to do, perhaps even more so today. A lot more to do, especially if the Democrats can gain at least an additional two more Senate seats to off-set the current ‘conservative’ Democrat senators who seem to be more interested in sitting on the Republican side of the Senate aisle.

So today, instead of working on my book fund raising (which is going amazingly well pre-selling 10% of the books in 10 days), I have been working on some metaphoric artwork that could represent the ground swell voting of the Democrats this fall. This is an expansion on my the Warming Water series for my environmental climate change project Anthropogenic Crisis. I note that there is a lot heat building-up on the horizon of the Democratic Party and voters and that a blue way forming. I hope that this blue wave gains gigantic proportions. Perhaps my next metaphoric artwork project, eh?

Happy Earth Day. Every day. & vote Blue for ’22.



New artist book: The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow

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An artist book made in the USA.



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