Folk Art Sculpture

Death Scar, copyright 2007 Douglas Stockdale

…this picture that I made in Hawaii was a during my transition for the In Passing  (Bad Trip -Sad Trip) project, from “what Doug saw” to what this series suggests. I think that this image better illustrates what first attracted my to begin this series. Most certainly one factor is the context of these roadside memorials located where there are. But equally of interest was the uniqueness of each memorial, the way these are individually crafted, the materials and symbols used. I think of these as variations of the theme of Folk Art Sculpture. These are made with a variety of skills, mostly with what talent they have and doing the best that they can to honor someone who they care alot about.

I also understand that Folk Art Sculpture are site specific instillations and not located in galleries or museums. I am not sure that these can be “collected”. They are transit art works that will be shaped by the elements, rapidly for some components, over a long period of time for other parts, thus every changing and morphing. These are unplanned and very random, you do not know where one will appear or when it may later disappear. There is no guide or “Dummies for Roadside Memorials” to provide instructions, just pure creation of a symbol to a very authentic emotion. Thus these memorials are authenic works of art.

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