Photo of the day: Murrieta Dirt Path

Murrieta Dirt Path

Unusual morning, it was overcast at home, then on the drive to Riverside in the morning, the sky turned to a light haze, followed by a cloud bank and subsequently open sky and then finally into a light fog.  I saw there was fog also up in on the Plateau, but I had a morning appointment and I did not have time for a detour to consider any landscape images.  Perhaps tomorrow;- )

Then on a subsequent drive into Murrieta later in the morning, I spied this road side memorial and stopped to take some exposures.  So this is the photo of the day, but I’m still considering the composition.

Best regards, Doug

Update: and I have realized that although I had rotated this image counterclock wise to get the horizontals in perspecive, I still am falling out the lower right corner and so it needs just a little more rotation.  Maybe that’s going to be a trademark of my images.  I hope not.

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