Photographers Exchange – March 20th

Tollroads Hillside - 2nd Edition

Tollroad Hillside from my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip

I am just now about to head out the door to get another image matted, this time for the Photographers Exchange meeting on March 20th. This is a group of photograpers and supporters who live in Southern California and meet once per month to show and discuss photographic prints. Once per year, we have an actual photographic print exchange, which occurs this coming Thursday, March 20th. Photographic print exchange and Pizza, who could want more?

So if you are in the area (Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, CA) at 6:30 on March 20th, print a photograhic print to exchange and join the fun. If you bring one for exchange, you get one to take home. The print does not need to be matted, but it helps with how the process works. Which goes like following:

All the prints for exchange are laid out without identifying the photograher. Then we add a small number next to each print. Then everyone gets a small white card and picks out the top five they like, with the best at the top (5) and down to the least.  There are usually greater than 40 prints. Then someone tallies the score. The photographic print which gets the highest score, then allows that photographer who made the print to choose another print from those displayed. The photographer whose print gets chosen, then gets to choose from the remaining prints. This whole process continues until all of the prints are gone. Thus if the print is nicely displayed, it may help with the print getting choosen sooner and thus increase the pool of prints you have to chose from. Not a bad process, but it works and makes the whole thing a lot of fun. When your print is chosen, you have to say something about it;- )

For me, I am going to provide an exchange print of this image, Tollroad Hillside, 2nd Edition from my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip. The image will be about 8″ x 10″ on 13″ x 19″ Epson Enhanced Matte.  This is one of the finalist for my Edition Folio, but did not make the cut, so its my 16th favorite print, and will not be included in the Editioned Folio later this month. I consider this a 2nd Edition image, because after the LensWork 74 publication, I decided that it needed some additional cropping on both sides. As my policy on exchange prints go, this will not be signed.

So if you think you are going to make it, drop me a line and bring a print!  and plan on having some good conversation and fun.

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Congratulations on being published in Lenswork 74, I just listened to the interview in the extended edition and have been viewing your pictures.
    This is a great idea, I may see if something similiar is available here in Australia or start it myself.

  2. The Photographers Exchange meets once per month, every third Thursday of the month at the same place (room at the Irvine Fine Art Center – gratis!). Informal dues are $35 per year, pays for the annual pizza and the monthly coffee as well as occasionally replacing the lights for the photo stands. One member sends out a monthly reminder email as well as an update on what’s happening locally. Very informal group, no prizes, no awards, just looking at photographs and talking with friends. Very nice.

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