Still tweaking the Re:Development series

Hutong Re:Development #10, photograph copyright of Douglas Stockdale

After I had completed the assembly of the 40 triptychs for my series Re:Development, I knew that I needed to give the “finished” series some breathing room. Set them aside and work on some other things and then come back to them with a little bit of new perspective.

I knew that had a lot of strong combinations which were meeting my intent, but there is always that bit of self-doubt. Which I always think of being a good thing, which leaves room for subsequent evaluation and potential re-consideration.

After coming back from the Philly trip, I again started to lay out the proof prints, but now with the goal of choosing ten with the greatest impact. But also choosing the prints that provided a broad range within the series. This did make things a tad bit harder, as there are groups of images that reinforce each other, but are similar in style and content, and do not illustrate the range of scope of the series.

But there were also a small group of triptychs that did not seem to emotionally connect for me as well as I initially remember. The parts are good, but as a triptych, not to the full potential. But then I notice that what appears to be a weakness in one could make a stronger impact in another. Bottom line, I have now reassembled seven of the 40 images, including this one, Hutong Re:Development #10.

So now I will print the new image combinations and lay them out with the eight images that I already think should be part of the top ten and see how they look together. And maybe end up making some more adjustments and tweaks, but hopefully not as many as this last time. I do feel like I am getting closer…..

Best regards, Doug

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