Critical Mass 2008 submission

Industrial ReDevelopment #2, photograph copyright of Douglas Stockdale

Today I completed my submission for Photoludica’s annual Critical Mass (version 2008). Since I had already complete my series Re:Development, I just had to tweak some of the triptychs in the series, including this one, Industrial ReDevelopment #2. More about this image and my artistic statement, below.

First, this image. When I first started paring the images for the possible triptychs, I had chosen the two images in the middle and right, but not the image on the left that is in this final version. When I returned from Philly the week before and looked at this image, something emotional was missing. The head (concept) part was there for the three images in the triptych and the story it was telling was where I wanted it to be, but the emotional content was not connecting for me.

But I was not sure which of the three images that compose this this triptych was the problem. So I started moving all the triptych’s around looking at the groupings, in this case the Hutong and Industrial groups. When I put these in proximity, two pairings jumped out at me. Both had something wrong, but in the same place. Thus it became a case of mechanical switching one image from each triptych to give both the emotional content I had found lacking.

The artist statement for Critical Mass 2008 was in some ways the bigger challenge for me. Getting all of what I had hoped to accomplish into a concise set of words (total of 1000 characters, including spaces) that did my series and work due justice. Now I do not really know if the artist statements are ever read for this, but if they ask for ome, you have to assume that someone might just read it, so you have to get it right. When I initally wrote an Introduction, I did not have any constraints. So I had to distill my thoughts into a more consise statement. Not easy for someone who rambles along, eth? Perhaps if I make it past the first cut and I am in the final 175 to go before the additional 200 juristst, it could make a difference. Who knows, and who is to say?

Artist Statement: Re:Development – China (Zhou Chang Ying Yeh)


Over multiple trips during a nine month period, I was photographing China’s rapidly evolving urban and industrial landscape. My objective has been to photograph different aspects of the shifting Chinese cultural, as manifest in what is being demolished and what is being constructed. A new urban landscape is taking shape, building on old bones, with narrow, close nit villages becoming impersonal towering structures.


The amount of change has to be extremely threatening, as entire traditional villages & neighborhoods are now gone. I am seeking its new soul, attempting to capture the external, literal form in order to illuminate its inner essence. The traces of the changes are sometimes very subtle and sometimes extremely blatant. The evidence can be implied or it can overwhelm you. 


My aim is to provide a view that is somewhat comprehensive but given the limitations of language (mine), brief visits and access, I have to limit my photographic ambitions. I have also chosen to combine images to engage in pictorial intervention in order to push certain conceptual objectives.

Best regards, Doug Stockdale

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