A Monday morning

Okay, all of the last weeks topsy turvey stuff has kinda subsided and now I’m trying to get an even keel. I just did a second check of my Critical Mass submission and I don’t see any needed changes. Thus I am taking a little breather from my series Re:Development, having completed an update to my web site for the series. Now this looks a little more contemporary and my other pages a bit dated.

Oh, well if not one thing, then its another.

So I had a chance to pull out my clamshell that I recevied from Transient Books. Very substantial, but I may have erred on my dimensions for the book cavity, as my hardbound version of In Passing seems a little loose in the cavity. But what that may allow me to do is to use a thin sheet of microfoam to wrap the book and make sure that is no abrasion by the folio. So far, so good!

That takes me to the folio of 15 In Passing images. I knew that I had to tweak the image sharpeness for the printing output to the Moab Entrada Matte rag, but I have been procrastening for the delivery of the clamshell, then procrastenate some more to finalize the series Re:Development. So I have run out of excuses, so now I’m getting back to finishing the Limited Edition Folio and Book for In Passing.

When I was at the camera store purchasing a couple of boxes of the Moab Entrada Matte Natural, I spied a sampler pack of the Harman FB Mb Matte Warmtone. So why not? I wanted to ensure that my decision for the Moab Entrada was still the best option for this series. And I am glad I did. This Harman paper with the baryta finish is really nice stuff! Really niiicccccceeeee.

With just a few adjustments to compensate for the paper medium, the comparison between the Moab Entrada and Harman FB warmtone matte papers is amazing. I did this side by side printing on Friday, but thought that I should allow the paper to dry down to make sure that I was completing a proper side by side comparison. The Moab Entrada just looks leaden & dull compared to the Harman FB. The Harman even appears to have a deeper space and better seperation of tonal values.

So it appears that I am off to find some more Harman FB Mb Warmtone to repleace the Moab Entrada, and reprint my artist proof for this folio. So what did I say a moment ago? Yep, if it is not one thing, its another.

Best regards, Doug

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