Tuesday, Oct 7th

I am so all over the map. So today, just to publish some follow up stuff,

I did buy some more of the Harman FB Mp, both bright and warmtone, and Calumet was very gracious and took two boxes of my unopened Moab Entrada back in trade. Nice that when you have an account, they can see your recent transactions, as well as puchase history, to realize that I am an ongoing customer. And I ordered a 17″ wide roll of the Harman FB Mp bright white to print out some of my larger Re:Development prints, which on the Epson 4800 will be 15″ x 45″ long.

Thus I have now started the re-printing of the In Passing folio. What I noticed immediately with the Harman FB Mp Warmtone was a slightly different color tonality for my image, than what I had achieved with the Moab. So I am having to tweak the color (saturation) layer on my master file to fine tune the print tone for each of the 15 prints. Not much, just a tiny little bit, like adding 2 or 3 more increments to the amount. A little exercise I was hoping not to need to do, but if I want the print to look exactly the way I want, a very much needed invetstment of my time and materials.

Short term, I now have the Canon 5D Mark II on my radar. And I’m still thinking film as well, but for the Hasselblad, I do need the 50mm Distagon. Two different systems with two different capabilities, two different pallets, like painting with watercolor or acrylic.

So now back to tweaking the In Passing series on the Harman paper. And working with Rudy Vega to experiment face mounting some of the Harman FB Mp on acrylic to see if the matte surface works with this mounting process. I will know the results of this for a week or so.

Best regards, Doug


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