Start of a journey


In Transit, photograph by Douglas Stockdale

First, because of a really nice suggestion, I am going to provide my working titles for my images on this journal. Just do not hold me to them, okay.

While I was journaling about my series Insomnia, one of my questions was when and where does the disassociation and the realization of being separated really start to occur? The answer then creates the question that if this occurs before I arrive at my temporary destination, should this be included in my series?

Perhaps for some that travel frequently, that emotional trigger may be the hug and kiss goodbye as you prepare to walk to the car for the airport. It may be at the airport or during the flight or even the drive through a strange city trying to find the hotel for the night. For me the emotional impact starts to occur during the flight out of town, especially if is 4 to 5 hours to the East coast, and most certainly if it is a 12 hour flight to Europe or 15 hours to Asia. I think for each of us, it varies a lot. Probably depends on how well you can keep your self distracted with other stuff, eh?

So I think that this photograph of In Transit works well with my series, but now where to sequence it? I think that while getting started on a trip, the warm glow is totally relevant, as all of my relationship is still very fresh in my memory. They have not begun to fade or be attacked by all of the strangeness and disassociations. I also like this photograph to represent a memory, that you use to call upon to get you through the trip. And it has a transitional feel to it, so perhaps somewhere in the middle of the story, a memory of a feeling being recalled.

Or as another alternative, maybe in the beginning of the story, as I am floating through time and hardly aware of my surroundings. I am confident in myself and my relationships, which are firmly entrenched in my memory. I can carry them with me, much like my wallet, to access as necessary.

Okay, I like this photograph, now I want to be sure of where it will work in the story. Nice, as no final decisions need to be made today…

Best regards, Doug

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