Portland Workshop: Sold Out

I just received word from Laura that my workshop for next weekend is Sold Out and then some. nice.

I spend most of yesterday finishing the workshop PowerPoints and printing them off as handouts. When I woke up this morning, I had some inspiration about a couple of more things to add to the presentations. So I will update a couple of the PowerPoints tonight, but those will be in the presentation, just not in the handouts.

And I have received inquiries from a couple of other groups about providing this same Photographic Book POD Workshop. This is somewhat similar to what happened for my consulting practice over the years, I provide one workshop and others find out, and over time, more invitations start to trickle in.

The workshops seem like a lot more fun than trying to get the stock photography stuff up and running. So for the moment, I think I shall defer to what I am more passionate about; teaching, coaching and sharing. I’ll come back to the stock photo option if I need to at another time.

And so my thoughts are turning back to the development of my Insomnia series and preparation of my next workshop at LBCC PhotoFest on Developing a Photographic Series. (and yes, Gordon and Anita, I have been looking at the different Digital Recorders to buy, but I make no promises as to what I will do with what I record)

Best regards, Doug

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