Workshop prep 2-fer


Transitional from the series Insomnia: Hotel Noir photograph copyright Douglas Stockdale

It is nice sometimes when you get an opportunity to work on a single task but accomplish two things, what we would call a 2-fer. Which was the case as I was completing my book workshop presentation for Portland in about a week. In this case, I needed some Photoshop screen shots as I went through my 2-step image sharpening process needed for POD digital halftone printing.

AND I had one photograph in particular from my recent biz trip to Boulder that I really felt was needed for my Insomnia series. But trying to get this workshop prep completed, I had just about everything else on hold. So I had the wonderful inspiration that instead to re-tracing my sharpening steps with an existing photograph, why not make the screen captures with a new image? Especially one that has been bugging me to explore?? Thus the 2-fer! nice.

So now I just about have all of the PowerPoint presentations complete and have to let them set a day before the final edit. Thank goodness that the PowerPoints use a bullet point format and are not complete sentences and I need to worry about all the grammer aspects. I will be printing these PowerPoints this week end, then off to a quick print joint to print and bind these as workshop notes. My stress on preping for this workshop is now way down.

AND I have another photograph for my Insomnia series, as I like how this is working with the rest of the series. I can almost visualize where this photograph will be sequenced.  As this is at that period of finally turning in for the night, staring at what ever it is in the dark night beyond the windows. In this case, it was some two story office building, a small division of a big Corporation. The parking lights are on but nobody is at work, the far building appearing as dark, cold and desolate as I felt. Like I said, this photograph will work just fine.

So in a couple of weeks after I return from Portland, I will put the finishing touches  on it to prepare it for my book.

Best regards, Doug

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