Insomnia – Ten images still to go


Expressway Room from the project Insomnia; Hotel Noir photograph copyright 2009 Douglas Stockdale

Seems like I figure out one image for my project Insomnia and I end up needing to change two others. But I am slowly making some headway and almost down to single digits for the remaining images. And in the process, two images that I thought would be inside the book have now found them selves as the front cover (above) and back cover.

I have been more concerned about the front cover than the back cover, as I want to lead into this book with a strong image, but I had not guessed that this was going to be the image. In fact what had bugged me for a while is that I have not been sure which photograph I would use for the front cover. Unlike In Passing, which was evident from almost day one which would be the front cover image, I just had no doubts at all. This time with Insomnia, I did not have a photograph that shouted to me; chose me, chose me!

Meanwhile, for The Photo Book I just published my book review of Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison’s counterpoint and I am in the middle of my write-up for Zoe Strauss’s America, with Hiroshi Watanabe’s Findings waiting in the wings. That is a diverse set of photobooks.  Even a nice note from Hiroshi about the book review blog when I was arranging with him for some images to use with my review.

When I purchased the book 50 Photographers, I remembered that when writing about the pending Swann Auction, I have always been interested in the photographs of Ed Ruscha, a Southern CA artist. So what did I find and include with my other recent purchase, but a Steidl book, Ed Ruscha, Photographer. Bad habit, bad habit.

My book review backlog is now getting a little larger, but the nice thing is, my reviews only need to get published when I am good and ready to share my thoughts. It is not like I have a Friday deadline.

Best regards, Doug

BTW the image above was one that I made entirely in the camera, taking advantage of the window reflections in conjunction with the landscape outside the window. I just had to play with the lights inside the room to find the right balance of light to capture both enough inside and outside the room. The “instant” feedback of the digital camera is the 21st century version of the Polaroid, as I have no idea how close I would have been if I had been using the Hasselblad with film. Even if I had used my spot meter and the full zone system exposure analysis.


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