Triptych photographs


California Aqueduct, Pearblossom Highway, CA photograph copyright of Ann Mitchell

Ann just sent me the announcement about her pending exhibit in San Pedro for a new body of work called American Triptychs. Which by the way, I enjoy a lot.

But viewing her triptych’s created my own emotional response regarding my earlier attempts at creating a project using triptych’s, my Chinese landscape project Re:Development. In Ann’s case, having the three images butte up with each other actually complement the entire triptych,  she is essentially creating panoramic images. These are photographs where the three images collectively are greater as a whole.

Some of her triptych images do not have very smooth transitions, which is okay for me. It calls attention to the photographic process and states, these are not the real thing, but an artifact of something that was before the lens and is an a new reality.

Something that I continue to internalize over.

Best regards, Doug

BTW, if you are in the San Pedro area in June, here are some exhibition details; Gallery 478 this June in San Pedro. The Artist’s Reception will be part of San Pedro’s 1st Thursday Art Walk, June 4th from 6-9pm, 478 W. 7th Street, San Pedro.

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