My next project

Having received my production proof of Insomnia: Hotel Noir, I think that this project is now “in the bag“. I still have some images to save into the submission format for Critical Mass, but I find myself emotionally moving on.

So that takes me to what project do I want to develop next? I think that I have three alternatives:

Chinese Picture Postcards: photographs that I made in China in 2007/2008 that on the surface, look like a postcard you might receive from someone visiting China.

Places Amongst Us: this was the project that I was working on for SoFoBoMo 2008, that was about relationships between neighbors.

Transitional Seam: About the things that exist in between.

Neither of the three are a Novella like Insomnia, but these three could be similar in structure to In Passing. hmmm. Glad I don’t need to make a decision today, but now these three are on a slow simmer, eh?

Best regards, Doug

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