Chinese Picture Postcards

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 Copyright Douglas Stockdale

I am continuing to think about what I saw in China over the nine months that I was there. China is a place that is in a rapid transition to try to become “modern”, and at the time, they had a ton of money to throw at their public projects.

And I think that there are enough pretty pictures of China, so I do not feel that I would add anything to that subject. But attempting to get into the issues and effects of change is something that I am interested in.

My earlier triptychs from Re: Development are still on my mind, but I am not sure how to proceed, so I am going to take a small step back and use some of those same images with the Chinese Picture Postcard photobook project. My thinking right now is to pair up the opposing types of images, the typical pretty photograph on one side of the page spread, with a facing photograph of the current construction and change.

So I think that I have figured out what my next photobook project is. wonderful! Now to make sure that as I provide updates, I can upload the images so that they sit next to each other, which the two above are supposed to be doing, but don’t appear to be behaving on my monitor.

Best regards, Doug

Update: persistence pays off.  I thought that I had prep’d and loaded the images correctly to get the effect, so I just reloaded them again and Bingo!, got it. Somehow I goofed the first time. sigh.

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