Photo Networking – another example – Linda Connor


Cavallo Point Lodge bookstore

One of the occasional delights that I have, is that while working on one project, through a series of somewhat related connections, other great opportunities appear!

Here is my current example; while working on Linda Connor’s photobook Odyssey review for The PhotoBook, I found about a wonderful photographic place to creatively hang-out in the SF Bay area called Cavallo Point. And a small treasure trove of nicely printed and at this point, relatively unknown photobooks.

I had been writing her Odssey review, but struggling to find digital images from the book’s interior to illustrate my article on The PhotoBook. One good option is to find the photographers website and see what images are posted, or request the images from the photographer. In Connor’s case, I could not find a web site. hmmmmm.

But just at that same time, I was contacted by Ben Zlotkin, who owns Edition One Books, a print on demand publisher. He asked me to list his POD provide on the resource list of The PhotoBook, but then went on to mention some current books that he had printed for Cavallo Point resort, including Linda Connor’s  monograph. Serendipity strikes, with him mentioning Linda Connor, someone I was trying to find.

I remarked back to Ben that I was working on her book Odssey. In his reply back, he stated that he was mentioned in Linda’s credits, because she used Edition One Books to work up her dummy for Odssey. And sure enough, Ben and Edition One Books was mentioned in Connor’s credits. hmmmmm

So I asked if Ben was in contact with Linda and if he could connect us. Which he did, so a big shout out Thanks to Ben! 

And I asked Ben more about the Cavallo Point books, which he provided me with a sample of Mark Klett’s monograph, Time Studies. Oh wow, beautiful! These are some really nice books, so more about these book later on The PhotoBook.

So I did get linked up with Linda to obtain some needed photographs for my book review.  And I found out more about the Cavallo Point project, which Linda had been involved in during the early stages.  I found some relatively unknown books by twenty great photographers, a real treasure trove of photographic material, as these are all unique but well published books. And a great location outside SF with good access to the wine country. AND a great collection of photographs (800+), and maybe the best hanging exhibition of Imogen Cunningham, about 50 vintage silver gelatin prints which are hanging in the resorts restaurant for the next six months. And Edition One Books,  whic appears to be a really good publishing resouce for those who are interested in photobook self-publishing. And finally, linked up with Anne Veh, the photographic curator at Cavallo Point, with whom I have already had a great discussion about the Cavallo Point photographs.

Nice. In fact, very nice indeed.

Best regards, Doug

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