Top 10 by Source

Last week I was contacted by the editor of the Irish photo magazine Source  for an interview, as they had determined that my articles and photobook reviews that I publish on The PhotoBook was a blog that they wanted to highlight as one of the top ten blogs that photographers should be reading. The interview was just published yesterday. Wow, that was a nice validation of what I had hoped to accomplish!

Meanwhile, we have a get away for a couple of days to the S.E. coast of GA to celebrate a couple of birthdays, so we did a day trip to Savannah yesterday. Mostly tourist type documentary photographs, but did work a little on one of my early projects, Places Amongst Us. Maybe work on that some more over the weekend, we’ll see (pardoning the pun).

Before we left, I still had not completed the formal book submission. I have most of the prints ready to go, but I wanted to go over my entire folio to ensure that I did not miss anything, so I will do that when I return. Then the whole packet will go off in the mail.

One of the benefits to the Blurb book was to visualize the entire project in a printed & bound form, to recheck the sequence and potential pairing. As a result, I did swap one photograph for another and I found myself tweaking the tonal range of about a dozen photographs or more. nice.

Best regards, Doug

BTW, in Savannah, most of the gang went for the Peel n eat Shrimp or the Crayfish,  butI went for a heap of pulled pork topped with that smoky & tangyyyy sauce, yum.

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