[Re]starting a project

A couple of days ago, I re-validated my advice to others; if you just start to work on a (past/new) project, the act of working on the project engages your mind and vision and pretty soon you are in high gear, with the work flowing easily again.

No related photo to post about this, as my monitor on my portable is not color calibrated. On past trips I have returned to my studio (calibrated) monitor to see what I had posted using the portable and thought; Egads, my stuff looks horrible.

So to my point,  earlier on this trip, I took a walking tour and started working on the GA version of one of my projects, “Places Amongst Us”.  Initially it just some what-if’s, but very quickly I shifted from looking to seeing. I started to find all kinds of compositions that were in alignment with my earlier intent, how neighboring folks define their borders and space.  Ya know, mark their turf kinda of stuff, which I find interesting.

So one thing has lead to another and I am feeling fully engaged. nice.

And so this project continues to evolve with a larger geographic scope, including: CA, CO, OR, KS, MO, NV and now GA.

Best regards, Doug

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