tweaking Chinese Picture Postcard blog

Pagota on South Lake   JiaXing_Cityscape_with_Pagoda

I am still tweaking the design and layout for my new project-blog, Chinese Picture Postcards. I thought the esthetics for my first choice in WordPress blog designs in line with the project concept, overall black with a red headliner for the blog.  But this design was hampered by the fixed width for displaying the paired-up photographs.

My concept is to have the images paired up, thus each image was limited to 300 pixels wide to display them as side by side pairs. But at 300 pixels, the images seem too small to adequately see the content.

Pagota_South_Lake_JiaXing  JiaXing_Cityscape_with_Pagoda

Especially in the first pair that I uploaded where I wanted to show the picturesque pagoda within the proper context in the city of JiaXing on the shore of East Lake.

So I changed blog template to a flexible width in order to display 400 pixel wide images side by side, although you probably need a 17″ wide monitor, but may work with a 15″ wide monitor. As I don’t have the 15″ wide monitor, I don’t know for sure. The 30% larger size makes the content more readable and for this pair, as you can just make out the pagoda tower dwarfed by the city buildings in the photograph on the right.

Best regards, Doug

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