Joint photobook reviews with photo-eye

Early last week, I was contacted by photo-eye, the Santa Fe gallery and bookstore, to write photobook reviews for them. We’ve worked out most of the details, as they need a brief photobook review and I can wirte a more encompassing review of the same book, which I can publish on The PhotoBook.

I think that this is a nice win-win for both of us, and I especialy enjoy the validation of my photobook reviews. Thank goodness for spell checkers though, or I would have been doomed from the start of this venture!

One of the great things about this for me is that it provides access to some photobook publishers and their books that I might not otherwise see or be able to acquire. I also get to accumulate some photo-eye points that I can later trade in for some books from their site, again defraying my book purchasing expenses and gaining access to a broader selection of photobooks. Yeah, thats what I call win-win-win ;- )

At the moment, it would appear that my photobook reviews would probably start on the photo-eye on-line magazine in late October. I’ll post an update when the first one is published with them. At the moment, it appears that the first photobook review will probably be Duane Michael‘s 50, published by Edizioni Ziz, a publisher located in Verona, Italy. nice.

Best regards, Doug

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