Netherland & Texas cliches


Copyright of Douglas Stockdale

Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing some traveling and sitting either in a train or a plane, while being carried along, I see some cliches. They just seem to be fun to try and catch and sometimes some new happens. Two from the Netherlands from a couple of weeks ago on a early, foggy morning, and the other, below, of the wind swept clouds over Dallas, TX.

At the moment, with nothing specific in mind, I am just doing some sharing. I guess my version of Flickr, eh?

Best regards, Doug



3 thoughts on “Netherland & Texas cliches

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  1. If I am next to a window, and if that window is clean, then I might keep the camera near by, just in case. You just never can tell…

  2. It’s a great pleasure to look at the two photos from the Netherlands. I love the landscape and especially Amsterdam so this is the reason to visit the Netherlands twice or three times a year.

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