Vatican Hot Dog


Vatican Hot Dog by Douglas Stockdale

Egads, another rainy day in Rome, so I hope that it clears a little by this afternoon.

So I had some time this morning to check out my earlier images of Rome when I was investigating the fine Italian restaurants, and I recalled this little Vatican diner, above. I am not sure if this serves the Pope’s favorite hot dog, but it sure is close if he needed to run across the plazza from St Peter’s to grab a quick snack.

This was a very high contrast situation, probably best if I had the HDR set up on a tripod, shooting into the late afternoon setting sun, unlike the photo below, where I had the option to compose the photograph oblique to the setting sun. I had opted to capture the details of Vatican’s Hot Dog stand and lose the sky. If I feel that this image still has potential, I will need to add a few more adjustment layer tricks to save what I can of the sky for a color version. On the fly working with Photoshop on the portable computer, I think that this image looks pretty decent in the black & white mode. With the black & white adjustment layer, I can create a little more separation between the hot dog stand the St Peter’s dome in the background.

Below is the Vatican’s Panini stand, probably another papal favorite.

hmmm, looking out the hotel window, I can see a faint glimmer of lightness in the clouds, so perhaps there is some chance of the rain clearing this early afternoon.

Best regards, Douglas


Vatican Panini by Douglas Stockdale

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