Colosseum Gelati


Colosseum Gelati by Douglas Stockdale

The rain did finally clear just after 1pm yesterday, which was good enough to catch the bus into downtown Rome. I did not want to eat lunch inside the hotel, so by the time we arrived in town, I was a hungry puppy. Remembering the cafes lining the nearby Plazza Navona, I found a nice table outside with a protective umbrella (still some quick drizzles) on the edge of the Plazza and enjoyed a plate of very nice pasta, slightly andante, and a glass of local red vino. very nice.

Then a short walk around down a pedestrian walkway to the Pantheon, but could not find one of  my ubiquitous rolling diners to compose my photograph with, so I quickly moved on. The goal was to get to the Colosseum before sunset. Made it with some time to spare. Also saw the Arch of Costantino and some of the surrounding archaeological digs going on. All in all, a nice afternoon. I even worked a little on my fashion portfolio. nice.

I bet the Roman Senators would have loved to have this wonderful diner available back in the day, grab some pizza to watch the gladiators duke it out, and the gladiators could have run out for a quick Gelati during the half time intermission.

So some things to think about when I am back here in a couple of weeks, although my plans to spend a day in Milan that week are falling through.

Best regards, Douglas

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