Inspirational Muse is still alive – thank goodness

NWM Hanover copyright 2011 by Douglas Stockdale

I had lamented earlier this month about my inspirational muse and how this was something you really can’t manage, per se. I, you, we just need to allow a openess and listen quietly. As sometimes things occur for me, when I start to connect, it seems like many more ideas start rolling in.

Case in point, last month while in Madrid and Paris, I started thinking about a concept that was a somewhat related to my project Insomnia: Hotel Noir. After it has passed the initial spaghetti test, I am a little more confident about blogging about it, tentatively titled NoWhere Man, of which the singular image above is now a part of. Especially since I keep working on the project.

Meanwhile two more project ideas have started to develop, one a little more conceptual, while the other is about a potential noir project in Southern California. nice.

Also this week, I mailed my CD of Ciociaria photographs to Marco, my publisher in Italy. And I just now remembered that I was going to include something else with that package. darn. Oh well. Next is to let Marco take the first look at the photographs and then schedule some time with the editor around one of my trips to Italy. Nice, this continues to move forward.

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