Susan Burnstine’s underexposure – interview – Ciociaria

Ciociaria; back, spine & front covers

I was featured today on Susan Burnstine’s wonderful blog underexposure.  Susan has recently started providing her interviews that she has previously published in a monthly column for Black & White Photography Magazine (UK) entitled American Connection on her new blog.

The interview by Susan is focusing on the events leading up to my publication of  Ciociaria. As you read her other interviews, you will probably note that she has a structure to her interviewing process; from the photographers early beginnings, influences and then the particulars around the project that subsequently evolved into a published book or exhibition. Thus it was a little easier to prepare for our discussion, unlike my live interview with Brooks Jensen, editor of LensWork, in 2008 with the publication of my project In Passing (LensWork #74 Jan/Feb 2008). Susan afforded me the opportunity to provide an edit of the interview before she published it, which was very nice. Actually, it gave me the opportunity to perhaps appear a little more polished than perhaps I am.

I will also have to say that Susan is also a very accomplished photographer, having recently published her own book Within Shadows.

So a very big Thank You Susan!

best regards, Doug


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