Ciociaria – published! & other updates

me & Marco Delogu, Ciociaria copyright 2011 Douglas Stockdale published by Edizioni Punctum

Last weekend in Rome during Fotografia Festival Internazionale di Roma, I finally was able to hold my book, to see it actually in print. Really a bunch of mixed feelings, ranging from really elated to an almost anti-clamtic let down. The best part, the interior plates in the book were a match to my photographs from the project, they looked awesome!

In Rome, I had a nice meet up with Alec Soth, who was also published this month by Edizioni Punctum, at the Punctum studios where we had an interesting discussion while swaping copies of our freshly minted books. Clement Kauter left Rome for Paris with three signed copies to sell at his bookshop (Plac’ArtPhoto) and I brought a few copies back to Southern California, while I work with Marco to ship the reminder of the books, which I hope will arrive by November.

Meantime, the book is available now for pre-order off my web-site as well as photo-eye. This weekend, photo-eye featured Ciociaria in their “New Arrivals” email news-blast, and I like what they had to say about the book:  (Stockdale) displays the photographer’s natural ability to create a series of images that reflects his own interpretation of an unfamiliar land. The photographs in this book navigate between urban and natural landscapes and depict an honest dialogue between an outsider and a seemingly close-knit world. Beautifully printed, the photographs here are an inspiring investigation into a personal journey that has manifested itself as a series of engaging images.

Also this weekend Susan Burnstine published our interview on her blog underexposure and provided me the opportunity to talk about my photography, book reviews and what led up to publishing Ciociaria with Edizioni Punctum, as well as what the future holds. very nic.

It’s been a very busy week. I was able to re-photograph one of the In-Passing memorials as I continue to re-develop this Aftermath project.

Best regards, Doug


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