Preparing Pine Lake for launch (Project PL)


Untitled (Art Supply Warehouse, Westminster, CA)

After figuring out that I do not need to obtain an ISBN for my Pine Lake project (what I have been referring to as the PL project), things seem to now be flowing smoother. As an hand made artist book in an edition of 25 which is being sold direct or by specialty photobook/artist book stores, the ISBN is not necessary.  Also, I can now freely talk about the project’s title without using some lame code name.

Last week I had a small artist talk about this artist book at the Irvine Fine Art Center and the response was wonderful. I received enough creative validation that I made the decision to proceed with publishing. I had been patiently working on the book dummy for about four months or more, but until I get in front of a group of peers, I can never tell what I working on will spark the imagination (or not). I am now thinking that the launch date for Pine Lake will be October 1st, next week.

In preparation for the artist book launch, I had to return to the Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster (CA), the artist candy store for all of Orange County. I know myself way toooo well, so I brought my shopping list (a guy thing?) to make sure that I did not walk out with a ton more stuff than I needed. As well as making sure I did not forget anything, as it is still a bit of drive up from south OC. Toooo easy to get distracted there, oops Squirrel!!

Oh, where was I? So now I am into the production mode for the artist edition. I will be revealing more about the design and content here on October 1st. I have been sending out some prepublication announcements about Pine Lake to my collectors and I just started contacting the specialty bookstores. It would be nice to have the participating bookstores lined up by my launch date.

I am also tweaking my supporting Pine Lake web page, which I will link up and announce on October 1st. Initially I was thinking of keeping the Pine Lake page very objective, which is to say, I was not providing my personal backstory on why this artist book came about. My thinking was to not distract the reader in order that they might freely construct their own narrative. Subsequently I have reconsidered and provided a little bit of my backstory. I have about five days to change my Charlie Brown mind again.



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