Pine Lake – Introduction


Pine Lake copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale self-published artist photobook

At the end of last week, as I stated here, it was pointed out to me that I had some prime real estate available on the interior of my custom frame cover. A very nice place to include an introduction. I had drafted the introduction, but due to some printer issues, printing the covers was delayed. thank goodness.

So now after a couple of more editorial tweaks, I have finalized the introduction and subseqeuntly printed the custom frame covers, which now reads as follows:

Pine Lake is a semi-fictional story about a multi-generational American rite of summer. This is a visual narrative about a men’s weekend away, a fishing trip.

The concept for this book crystallized when I found photographs of my grandfather fishing somewhere on a lake in Pennsylvania. I found another small photograph of him standing beside my dad holding their fishing trophies in my Grandfather’s back yard. I can only speculate as to who actually took the back yard photograph, perhaps my grandmother or maybe my mom. While looking through my family archive for more photographs my grandfather fishing I found a faded photograph of my Great Grandfather, probably somewhere in Pennsylvania, holding his fishing catch. Until that point in time, I had not been aware of my grandparent’s keen interest in fishing.  Thus my worn and faded photographs became symbols for the remaining bits and fragments of my family memories. This is an investigation of what might have been.

Pine Lake is a continuation in my series that explores memory and its preservation.

A very nice addition to this artist photobook :- D



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