Serious fun


Untitled (Dallas, TX 2015) copyright 2015 Douglas Stockdale

I think that for me, it helps from time to time to just have fun. Sometimes messing around leads to an interesting project, as it allows my right brain to do what it does best; lurk, watch, listen, dream, free associate, and allow creativity to creep into my life.

So at the moment, my fun stuff revolves around using my SnapSeed app on my Samsung phone/camera. Yesterday I posted about finding the Grunge filter back in my basket of play options. One of the things that I liked about using the Grunge filter was how it allow the focus to move about, but it also introduces some textures and colors that I may not want to use. Especially when I want the image to look a “little” less manipulated. So on my recent assignment trip to Detroit (with a change of planes midway in Dallas), I started playing with some in-flight photographs using the SnapSeed Focus filter option in conjunction with my usual bag of tricks.

I think of this as a post-exposure LensBaby. Really tough to figure out where and how you want to tweak a LensBaby exposure when you are hurling along at 250 mph plus. And no going back to say: Oh Golly I need to bracket this exposure or maybe if I adjusted this and that for my composition. Just grab the image as life literally flies by. Thus, first things first; capture the image’s image as best I can, then while in flight on the next leg, proceed to tweak and play with the image.

This photograph might work with one of my lingering projects that investigates my personal travel and related to a project about identity. Plus, as a singular photograph, I find it to be an interesting graphic image. The lines, patterns and positive/negative spaces creates an interesting movement to this. The graphic aspect in mind helped guide my decisions as I tweaked this image. Enjoy!



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